Savoury Platters, Platters & Finger Food Selection

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Platters & Finger Food Selection

Platters & Finger Food Selection

Platter Selection

Minimum Order 2 platters
(Large Platters approximately 50cm L x 37 W)

Savoury Platters: 20 – 30 guest per platter

Cold Dips & Savouries Platters with fresh Olives $65.00 per platter
Assorted Gourmet Cheese Platters $80.00 per platter
Continental Mixed Meat Platters $75.00 per platter
Cold Roast Chicken Platters $85.00 per platter
Decorated Ham & Chicken Platters $85.00 per platter
Fresh Fruit Platters
(Large variety of fresh seasonal fruit)
$75.00 per platter
3 Dips & Turkish Platters $55.00 per platter
Antipasto Platters $89.00 per platter
(Includes Rockmelon (Seasonal) wrapped in Prosciutto, Assorted Salami’s, Stuffed vine leaves, Marinated Kalamata Olives with Sun dried Tomatoes, Marinated Feta and Local flavoured Farm Cheeses.)
Prawns Platter, cooked & peeled with Tartare & Cocktail sauce $95.00 per platter
Mixed Sushi Roll Platter (40 pieces) $80.00 per platter
French Pastries Platter (40 pieces) $95.00 per platter
Danish Pastries Platter (24 pieces) $65.00 per platter
Gourmet Mini Muffins (24 pieces) $60.00 per platter
Giant Cookies platter (24 pieces) $65.00 per platter
Plain & Sultana Fruit Scones Platter
(24 pieces)
$50.00 per platter
Ham & Cheese Croissants Platter (20 pieces) $75.00 per platter
10 - 20 guests per platter
Quality Gourmet Sandwiches $80.00 per platter
(Made with white, wholemeal, grain & rye Bread, minimum 12 rounds)
Delivery ** $60.00 Metro Area 7days 9am – 9pm
** Conditions Apply
Surcharge applies for Public Holidays and Functions outside Metro Area

Finger Food Selection

CREATE YOUR OWN MENU **: From selections below

(Minimum order 100 pieces, eg 5 finger food selections x 20 guests)
Items Subject to Quote

  1. Honey & Satay Chicken Drums or Wings
  2. Sweet Chilli Chicken Tenders
  3. Mini Meat Balls (Italian, Aussie & Mexican)
  4. Cocktail Spring Rolls (Vegetable)
  5. Large Spring Rolls (Vegetable)
  6. Curry Puffs (mild)
  7. Shrimp Wontons
  8. Money Bags (Vegetable)
  9. Vegetable Samosas
  10. Savoury filled Mini Vol-au-vants
  11. Assorted Mini Quiches (Quiche Lorraine, Quiche Florentine, Chicken & Corn, Mushroom & Veg)
  12. Gourmet Sausage Rolls
  13. Veggie Puffs
  14. Gourmet Pies (Lamb Mint & Rosemary, Satay Chicken, Chunky Beef & Mushroom, Beef Pie, Hungarian Goulash, Beef Bacon & Cheese, Gourmet Chicken, Beef Curry)
  15. Mini Shepherds Pies
  16. Cocktail Cornish Pasties
  17. Spinach & Ricotta Rolls
  18. Large Beer Battered Chips
  19. Roast Vegetable Frittatas
  20. Onion Rings
  21. Crumbed Fish Goujons
  22. Mini Pizzas (Roast Vegetable, Mega Meat, Mixed Supreme, BBQ Chicken & Bacon)
  23. Salt & Pepper Calamari
  24. Mini Dim Sims (Beef, Chicken & Vegetable)

** Subject to availability

** Items NOT available at a per platter price.